Australia secures an exemption from tariffs in the USA

us tariffs on aluminum and steel

USA President Trump stated on March 9th that he had a talk with the Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull. Both of them are working to have a concurrence of ideas so that Australia is not subjected to bear the expected US tariffs on aluminum and steel.

President Trump said in a tweet that The Australian PM is steadfast in having a reciprocal and fair relationship in the trade and military sectors. He also stated that he was moving in a quick manner, to have a security agreement, so that there is no need to force tariffs on aluminum and steel on Australia, which is an ally.

Australia is a large supplier of iron ore and is a minor exporter of steel also.

As per the government data, Australia supplied aluminum and steel worth A $400 million (S$411.6 million) to the United States in 2017.

After receiving the tweet from President Trump, Australian PM stated that the accord between the two nations was reciprocal and fair on Twitter. He also thanked President Trump through a tweet, for the confirmation that the new tariffs will not be levied on steel and aluminum from Australia and this was a good development for jobs in both the countries.

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