Five ways to use the present market for job search advantage in 2019

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Finding a new job today has become easier because the unemployment rate is all time low. Moreover, the candidates face less competition, and employers are eager to do everything to attract good candidates. There is an air of high salaries and extra perks. People can either look for a new job or opt for a complete change in career now. There are new opportunities and it is the right time to learn to use the present job market to gain an advantage and also have a bright year in 2019.

A set of to do activities

The time is ripe to aim for a better and higher job search. When the candidate fits culturally today, employers are ready to consider fewer skills, and also less experience. The candidate must show a potential to learn and develop well for the role. Apply for the dream job, customize your resume for the job and finally while applying, include a Cover Letter. Place an Emphasis on the exciting features of the role or company. Today there is a great need for intelligence, followed by an ability and readiness to learn. It is also important to bring transferable skills to the job.

The First Offer

Do not say yes right away when you get the first job offer. A job offer starts the negotiations and one can ask for extra dollars, paid vacations, stock options and a flexible time.  Employers will pay extra cash or give benefits in case of qualified professional talents. Always know your worth.

Explore options

When there is a job offer consider the cultural fit, and pay attention to opportunities to grow. Focus on work environment, and the management style or other important features in the next job. Check company online reviews and also their social media pages to know more. Get all facts regarding working for the company. People who work there speak about the experience of the company. Conduct a research and make an informed decision prior to accepting the offer.

Asking for a referral

All employee referrals are weighty. Furthermore, many Employers give importance to the cultural fit, and their present employees are the ideal people to know about this matter.

In case you know someone in a company, reach out to them and seek their reference for the job. Many companies reward their employees for referring a candidate. Also have a list of persons who provide references and offer good reviews regarding you.

Better perks in current job

Finally in case you are satisfied with the present job and also have no plan to leave, there can be a sweet and positive development. Ask for a flexible work schedule or a raise/promotion, provided you have a good track record. In the present market, employers wish to retain a good employee for their progress.

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