Germany is the top country to work abroad

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As per a new report, Germany has the top rank for global workers. HSBC announced a list of the best countries in the world for working abroad.

Germany is at the top

Germany occupies the top spot for determined professionals aiming for a good career in 2019.  This survey was based on 22,000 global workers, and the top reason for people to settle abroad was career ambition. Also In the recent ranking, Germany outclassed Sweden and Switzerland. Furthermore, 65% of respondents regard it as a greatly productive workplace. Additionally, 70% of overseas workers said that while living in the country, there was a huge improvement in their work-life balance.

Policies in Germany

Moreover, some companies ban the employees from reading emails during a weekend.  Germany also has the second-best working culture next only to Sweden. Additionally, the labor market is highly-regulated which means 73% of foreign workers have better job security after migrating to Germany.

Germany is the place to go, to have an ideal work-life balance. It is the second-best country to seekers of better pay.

Bahrain comes second

Bahrain increased its ranking by ten places after 77% of respondents voted it for fine earning-prospects. There were financial allowances for covering expenses in accommodation (69%), medical (64%) and airfare (68%) for the international workers.

At the third place was the UK, after a leap of six places in the ranking. It also had impressive gains in work-life balance, the progress of career and earning prospects.  The Kingdom is the best country to learn new skills.

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