Resume Profile – some facts and importance

A profile statement on a resume is the surest way to show the qualifications to the hiring managers. Here we deal with the specifics of a profile and the methods of including them on a resume.

What is a Resume Profile?

A resume profile is a part of the resume or CV which has a brief summary of the experiences, skills and goals of an applicant in relation to a specific job opening.

The components of a Resume Profile

The components of a Resume Profile are numerous sentences or even a brief paragraph highlighting the ambitions and objectives of an applicant for a job.
Resume profiles provide an opportunity to emphasize the skills, career experiences, and goals of a person. It is also the way to show what they wish to achieve in their next position. The profile needs to be customized to equal the qualifications which the employer is looking for. The person should write resume profiles in a good, informative and concise manner.
When Candidates write it in an effective manner, this section of resume catches the eye of the recruiters, setting the Candidate apart from other applicants. Moreover it is helpful to secure an interview.

Examples of Resume Profile

We present a few examples resume profile for different job openings. While using a profile on a resume ensure to fit it to the specific job opening for which you applying. It should reflect the skills possessed by you.


Accounting-Manager having five years of experience in many areas
Has Full knowledge of general accounting, payrolls, budgeting, and preparation of journal entries
Also adept at improving efficiency by implementing accounting procedures and practices

Career Change

A go-getter and quick at learning
Adaptable skill set and rich experience in customer service, communication and sales, . Has received awards for excellent customer service,
Standard skills in mentoring, employee mediation and in leading team projects

Customer Service

Specializes in Customer services and also has extensive experience in management
Has a strong interpersonal skill with certification in employee mediation and team-building


Award-winning editor with rich experience,
Moreover, successfully implemented web design technology for developing and maintaining sites for start-up IT companies.


Master’s degree in English Literature with experience in teaching high school literature, creative writing, and grammar, Certification in teaching English as a Second Language

Health Care

Bilingual nursing graduate with experience in health care established multiple clinics with non-profit health care groups, providing service for women and children

High School Student Tutor

Has extensive tutoring experience and can Create worksheets and practice exams for improving grades
Furthermore, praised for clear communication of mathematical concepts


IT professional having ten year experience as a specialist in software support and systems
Skilled in operating various platforms
Excellent communication skills; capable of explaining issues in easy-to-understand terms


  • Award-winning customer service and Enthusiastic, having rich retail experience
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Fine money-handling skills, with zero shortages


Accomplished professional and keen on sales management possessing a decade of experience. Successful in delivering revenue and profit gains in a competitive market. Finally good at staff training, motivation and mentoring

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