Top Ten in demand jobs in 2050

Top Ten in demand jobs in 2050 - JobsandPermits

Automation and robotic replacements are leading towards losing millions of jobs. As per a report of September 2018 half of all tasks related to work could be carried out by using the machines in 2025. This can lead to lead to the displacement of as many as 75 million jobs.

The details

The digital advancement in the two decades has changed our way of working in a big way. Some jobs were lost, but the situation also created completely new industries and millions of fresh roles. Furthermore, the trend will continue for the next 3 decades.

The advancement in technology will create new industries. There is a need to keep abreast of the emergent career market and align our skills accordingly. Currently, there is a shift in the ways of our work. This underlines the fact that we must prepare for the workplaces of the future, from today itself.

The humans must make preparation for a vibrant future, by focusing to be active and aim to develop skills that are valuable or relevant today. Here we present the likely jobs in the year 2050.

1. A.I. Psychologist

The artificial intelligence creates practical applications. Additionally, the data that computers now gather hugely regarding human behavior, lead to major developments in AI. AI machines will become more humane needing human intervention for their overall well-being.

It will need professionals having an understanding of psychology and technology for maintaining a top level for future supercomputers.

2. Chief Productivity Officer

The pace of technological progress is quick. Companies need better abilities in training the staff and achieve technological breakthroughs. The staff can gain by keeping abreast of the recent developments and train them accordingly. Also, there is a need to provide fresh training to the employees and be adaptable for a rapid change. There is a need of the Chief Productivity Officer who can boost productivity at the workplace and oversee technological services, for attaining the business goals.

The CPO has a task of managing the collaborative software and making sure the following of all effective processes.

3. Quantum Data Analyst

Quantum computing employs the quantum mechanics theory. It uses computer calculations. It sounds confusing because it is. Expert scientists are researching quantum data for understanding its use in computing. Also, there is a big demand for data analysts.  Quantum data analysts can measure quantum information and help in the upgrading of business. Quantum encryption will lead to better security. In these days of cyber attacks and data breaches, security is a major concern for all businesses.

4. Personal Medical Counselor

As per the LinkedIn’s Report, the demand for professional medical representatives has grown at a rate of 600% from 2014. There are advances in genetic medicine, followed by healthcare providers offering personalized medicines and treatments.

The Counselors could match solutions considering the DNA of a patient. The advancements in medicine will change the way to tackle illnesses and diseases. Persons can live with managing a disease for decades applying correct care and management policies.  People suffering from long-term and chronic illness will require support in medication and have a better quality of life.

The aging population will require doctors, health workers, nurses, and physiotherapists, for the elderly to proper care.

5. Drone Manager

Drones can be used correctly, to be of great use. There will be global deliveries through drones.  This will also reduce carbon emissions. People need to know to operate them and also to manage a fleet of drones. They can be used to deliver logistics and also for passenger transport. Highly skilled professionals will work next to computers, and also ensure safe travel in the skies. They will oversee vehicular communication, avoidance of collision and coordination in a safe landing.

6. Elderly Instructor for Yoga

The people having age above 60 years in the world will be 1.4 billion – 2030 and also reach 2.1 billion – 2050. The concepts of wellness and holistic health are popular. More people look for natural ways to care for their bodies, and also reduce the aches and pains. The aging population will embrace the yoga market as an option to keep fit, strong and healthy. The fact that increased automation and robotics will give more free time to the people. An elderly yoga-specialist will present a productive pattern to use free time.

7. Caregiving Specialist

The demand for caregivers/specialists will increase in the care sector. This sector has nurses, psychiatric home aides, and assistants to take care of elderly persons and children.

Furthermore, it employs females in a big way. The caring professions should become more attractive for all seeing its scope and spread. The number of senior people in the world requiring care will increase by 300% by 2050. 101 million people presently require care but will increase to 277 million, in the future affecting Indians and Chinese. There is a need for rewards incentives for their work, and of building and reinforcing robust structures.

8. Sustainable Building Regulator

The world will run out of oil in 53 years. There is a shift towards sustainable power and sources of renewable energy, like wind and solar power. There are issues with storing solar power but they can be ironed out. Moreover, there is a keen interest in sustainable energy in the future, needing Building Regulators, who will ensure that all the buildings are sustainable environmentally. Additionally, they will be free from fossil fuels.

9. Soft Skill Consultants

There will be speedy technological advancement, but human skills will also play a major role in the style of working. Soft skills, oral communication, leadership management, and time management will give an edge to humans over the machines.  There will also be a need to teach people to be better. Skilled Workers with attributes of soft skills will have an opportunity as people who can provide expert help to create a favorable image.

10. Waste Engineer

Finally, we can say that there is a scope for Waste Engineer because the world is generating 3.5 million tons of plastic and other types of waste every day. There is a major problem of dealing with a lot of rubbish threatening our existence. These professionals will solve this problem and also develop a method of converting it into clean energy the trash can also be used for creating bricks to build houses. It needs expertise in engineering and STEM in for effective results.

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