Western Sydney: Retail Giant new ‘Costco’ warehouse is set to create 1000 jobs


In western Sydney retail giant ‘Costco’ has started site for a warehouse distribution center national, additional 1000 jobs were promised.

Over next 12 months, retail giant ‘Costco will invest $77 million in Kemps Creek to redevelop the site.
Patrick Noone, Managing Director said because of its inclination to major highway Costco has selected the site.

“As we expand our business, we require a larger facility to serve the needs of our members here in Australia,” Mr Noone said.

“This location is ideal for housing our depot and providing hundreds of jobs for Sydney’s booming west.”
The size of the new facility located at Oakdale South Industrial Estate is same as the size of Olympic soccer 18 fields.

Operational jobs 210 and construction jobs 730 are expected to be generated.
Today on the site Gladys Gladys Berejiklian NSW Premier Glady turned the turf and she expects the major firms to move its west operations.

“This demonstrates what’s possible when you build a new precinct when you build the roads and the infrastructure required to service that precinct that major brands do come,” Ms. Berejiklian said.
“They put their hands up and say this is where we want to set up shop.”

This year Costco in Australia will start its 10th store, however, 30 stores can be supplied with the new distribution center Service for an online store will be provided by Costco and it is assumed to be live in the next coming year.

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