ILO: green economy can generate 24 million jobs by 2030

Solar energy

Solar energy
As per the report of the International Labor Organization(ILO) the Paris climate agreement will create 24 million jobs by 2030. These will be generated by the new clean industries, and will also make up, for the loss of 6 million jobs, in the oil drilling and coal mining sectors.
There will be a focus on Opportunities in renewable energy, and the stress will be to build efficiency and have other low-carbon industries. Furthermore there will be a net gain of 18 million.
Firstly, the global warming will greatly affect employment. The medical conditions like exhaustion, heat stress, and strokes will become common. There will also be a major global loss in the hours of work report. More people will be stressed and sick.
Green initiatives overcome poverty
Deborah Greenfield, ILO Deputy Director-General also said that the green economy will help millions to overcome poverty, and deliver better livelihoods for the present as well as the future generations. Moreover, it will serve as a positive message of opportunity among the complex choices. A few regions will benefit more compared to other regions during the transition. Asia and the Pacific -14 million, the Americas, -3 million and Europe -2 million will gain jobs in a big way.
Furthermore there will a meager net loss in the Middle East and Africa regions. This will be the result of dependency on extraction of fossil fuel.
Policy changes
There is a great need for Policy changes in these regions to offset the job losses and the negative impact. Some Low- and some middle- income countries require some support to improve data collection, and adopt suitable financial strategies to make a transition and have an economy and society that is sustainable environmentally.
The report also mentions regarding imbalances between the skills on offer and the skills needed to make a green transition. Only some countries taking up the survey had environmental sustainable policies which refer to skill development in an explicit manner to tackle the green transition.

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