Jobs increase – UAE and Saudi Arabia require talented professionals

Jobs in saudi arabai

Saudi arabia
Lawyers and tax experts face a great demand because reforms in Saudi Arabia are leading to better opportunities. Presently, Job vacancies increased in a big way, after and Saudi Arabia introduced VAT and reforms. This has added the need to employ talented professionals.
There was an increase of 25 percent, in the region, in the Advertisements for professional positions, between the fourth quarter of 2017, and the first quarter of 2018.
Experts believe that the growth is strong in the public sector. The private sector is less cheerful compared to the past years. Major senior leadership appointments address organizational transformation as well as organizational efficiency. There is a stress on effectiveness and digital data also.
The agenda of government
The government sector is healthy in Saudi Arabia. The agenda of government, quasi-government and privatization are leading to a leadership demand. The obvious stipulation is that only Saudi nationals will get the appointment. There will be an exception if a national is not available.
In comparison to the same period in 2017, there is an increase of 81 percent rise in advertising the posts in the quarter, in Saudi Arabia.
Vision 2030
The main factor here is Vision 2030 of the Saudi government to provide more work to Saudi nationals. Furthermore, there is a stress to increase the share of female nationals in all workplaces in the industrial sector also.
There is an excellent demand for female Saudi nationals in the sales and finance sector also. In the past, these disciplines were dominated by males but the 2030 vision has changed the scenario. Presently the demand for females is growing slowly. Hiring the best Saudi talent is a challenge for all local and international employers.
The yearly growth in the UAE was 9 percent in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Financial Services, Legal Services, as well as in Sales and Marketing. Behind, the strong growth in banking and finance services (32 percent and 26 percent respectively) the reason is impressive financial results shown by banks. Many banks had double-digit growth. UAE Companies are working on implementation plans of VAT in the first quarter of 2018. This is leading to additional roles in the public practice firms, as well as in the in-house fields. There is a stable growth in sales and marketing roles in the UAE.
Luxury brands are hiring selectively and there is an expansion of the Dubai Mall. Moreover, the luxury stores are searching persons who can speak Mandarin and Russian language. During the second quarter, the special feature is the Ramadan and the Eid holiday, which will add to the market sentiment. There is a hope that the job numbers would be positive.

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