Manufacturing in USA today greatly requires job skills

USA manufacturing jobs

In spite of few manufacturing jobs than in the past, manufacturing is simply evolving. It is headed towards upscaling, up-skilling and is sure to support jobs today in a great environment, and has the capacity to provide good jobs in the future. Today the manufacturing sector has seen a great shift in its operations.

The number of manufacturing jobs in the country is declining, but manufacturers seek new workers for filling up the vacant jobs. They need a different skills-set today when compared to the past. Definitely, there is a gap in required skills, added with a talent shortage in the country, which needs corrective action.

A Manhattan Institute report has stated that a huge majority of the manufacturers in the country had a difficulty to find skilled workers.

The new jobs of tomorrow will move from coal and steel towards fresh fields like biotechnology, Cybersecurity, robotics, computers, 3D printing, and other stimulating fields.

Several people think that manufacturing is low-paying activity, involving low-skills and intense labor, and are fed on an outdated and inaccurate image. They also feel that the facilities are dirty dark, and dangerous.

Manufacturing plays a very important role in the standard of living and the economic prosperity of the USA.  With the advent of Technology and Automation, there has been a great transformation in the sector where top skills are needed for operating and maintaining factory equipment. The careers it offers require top skills and good education, and the earning potential in it is very good.

Half of the new jobs in West Virginia require undergoing training after completing the high school. The present demographics of the population, suggest that there is only 30 percent of the population which possesses such training. 200,000 residents of West Virginia receive some college education but do not have a degree. Their education must be completed and they must seek a proper degree. Every student in West Virginia can be properly trained to hold a job in the 21st Century.

There is a program named Explore the New Manufacturing, and the WVMA and member companies work together to introduce the students of today to look at the opportunities of tomorrow and have a career in manufacturing. It provides a quick look at present environment in manufacturing. There are informative presentations, learning experiences based on projects, job shadowing. It also offers internships.

Currently, the state has seen an upswing and expansion in the manufacturing facilities. The path of prosperity exists in front of West Virginia, but some challenges have to be faced.

The property tax levied on business inventory and failure to phase out the equipment and machinery are major impediments to the growth of the economy. The savings coming from the phasing out of tax can be utilized in investing in new types of equipment, use of technology and for hiring new workers.

The business community favors the inventory tax removal. The legislation, which would have put the constitutional amendment, the ballot for a seven-year phase-out of tax could not reach the committee in this session.

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