New Australian space agency to produce 20,000 more jobs

Space agency

Australian Space Agency
The Australian federal government has an official plan to launch the Australian Space Agency. There is no clarity regarding the, state which will serve as its headquarters. It is likely to create additional 20,000 high-tech jobs.
Michaelia Cash, who is a Senator, has launched the Space Agency. Dr Megan Clark, the largest oil and gas producer of Australia, will serve as the Interim Head for the next 12 months.
Furthermore this is similar to creating a new industry in the country and through it there will be such new business opportunities which do not exist at present. Furthermore, the Businesses will prosper and offer more employment.
The Minister for Jobs and Innovation stated that Dr Clark, who was the former head of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation(CSIRO), is a respected scientist.
Involvement of top talents
Moreover, the academia, industry as well as researchers, will be involved in the work. Working with the state governments is the initial challenge for her. She has to travel extensively in the country and offer the relevant advise to the authorities regarding the finest site for locating the space agency.
Every state/territory has relevant advantages and connections and is interested in having this conversation. Moreover, there is a great deal of excitement she added. It is the right time to see that the states/territories give out the best results.
Canberra will serve as the base for Dr Clark during the initial six months of the 12 months. Furthermore she will speak with the state leaders also.
Not considering the location, the Senator said spoke of national benefits with this development in the space sector. This will serve as a great opportunity to generate employment, and add 20,000 fine paying jobs.
The aims and the future
The aim is to create the jobs of the future, and not just another NASA, and do the best for the country she added. It will be a modern and competitive industry of the country.
The Reference Group Report of Experts shows that the space sector economy in Australia had a worth of $3.94 billion in 2015 but Australia can have a three-fold increase by 2030. Dr Clark said that it was like reaching for the stars, but we must connect with the ground also. This industry can contribute to lift Australia in a big way.
What it holds for tomorrow
The establishment of a space agency will also lead to real-life applications which create a great impact on daily life. In the future communication will go through space and this was tremendously important for an island. Moreover there are varied applications which space offers to lay the foundation infrastructure for the economy.
There are concerns that Australia has entered the international space race late but actually this will lead to many benefits also. There is a purpose to establish it, and it will serve as an agency with a focus on industry at the time of entry.

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