Analyzing how Australians have created one million new jobs in five years

Australia new jobs

The kinds of jobs that are created serve as a political milestone. It is a positive for Australia. In Australia the increase in population is rapid. Furthermore, its major cause is huge immigration and a growing economy. During the last 15 years, on an average, around 200,000 new jobs have been created annually.
Facts regarding Australia
It is interesting to see the details of these jobs. Australia is a rich and fast-changing country. This chart examines the areas where jobs exist and the changes in industry spread over a time. Manufacturing, Retail Trade, Health, Construction, Education, Agriculture, and Transport made a good progress. Moreover, there was a good progress in Public Administration, Safety, Wholesale Trade, Accommodation, Food, and Finance. There were a few other good areas also. Through this, we can see that investing big in health and education is good. Resources are available to meet the expenses of services, arts, and recreation. As a result, they create new jobs.
National Disability Insurance Scheme
Furthermore, owing to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and the increase in demand for care for senior citizens, there are more jobs in the area of health and social assistance. This is a top employer now and has made a large contribution to employment in many states. Additionally, the Department of Social Security says that the NDIS can create 80,000 more full-time jobs by 2020.
An Economist has predicted that the superb job growth will continue in the future also. It is a stable sector, and some statistics show that businesses in health care have the least chance to be bankrupt.
Presently, the society is better educated, and the presence of many consultants is driving the fast growth of professional, scientific and technical services. There is a presence of engineers, lawyers, architects, designers and computer programmers. It has a fast growth in New South Wales, ACT, and Victoria. There is a change in Australia from the goods economy towards services. The construction industry in Australia has seen very good progress. It has doubled in each state but the ACT and SA have made a progress of 50 percent. 10 percent of all jobs now exist in the construction sector.
The part-time jobs
In the present generation, a great feature of employment is the growth of part-time work. One-third of workers prefer to now work on a part-time basis.
Jobs and permits
Consequently, the reason behind this fact is that there is a change in the nature of the work. It is a service-oriented industry which does not alone work between 9AM and 5 PM, and between Monday and Friday.
Many permanent part-timers are pleased with their jobs. Machines are performing Some Scientific part-time works now. 80 percent of such work has disappeared, and there are not enough jobs to work. Centralization means some jobs have disappeared
Past analysis
In the past manufacturing was the biggest employer in every state and territory. It is now shrinking at a fast pace and is a huge source of job losses. Furthermore, 60,000 positions disappeared in five years.
Recently there was a decline in the car-making industry of Australia.
Additionally, there is a trend to move in the direction of centralization. Smaller states and territories have shown a job loss in areas of financial services, information media, and telecommunications. Now all these activities are concentrated in big cities.
The shrinking of traditional industries is seen in a single generation.
Old services are getting replaced quickly and people have to find another job in a fresh industry. This change is enormous and is happening in a span of few years.
The professionals now have to undergo fresh training. They have a hope to get a new job.
What are jobs for the next generation?
People need to far from the jobs which are easy to replicate.
In case a job has a task of repetitive or routine nature, there is a good chance that a robot will do it. There is scope for driving, machine operation, and other jobs.
Robots cannot do a few jobs. These are barristers, journalists, caregivers, and those involving problem-solving. Persons who have top skills and better education can be safe. In the past the labor was physical but now the world is using the minds.

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