Survey results show that most Indians feel positive about Bots and Virtual Assistant


A survey carried out by Technology Giant Cisco, in ten countries, points out the thoughts of Indian workers. An enormous 93 percent of them think positively about meeting virtual assistants and bots at their workplace.

By the same token, it has revealed that employees of Mexico (97 percent), and China (96 percent), yearned for a virtual assistant.

Workers in India also felt that advanced technology will make a huge impact on job opportunities. 64 percent agreed that it will create additional jobs rather than eliminating them.

Identically, 81 percent Chinese workers and 69 percent Brazilian workers were optimistic about technological advances. They felt that it will guide towards extra job creation rather than reducing them. The US with 59 percent and Britain with 50 percent scored low.

Rowan Trollope, GM, Applications Group, Cisco, said that he was optimistic about the vision presented by Artificial Intelligence. It would make work life better. Work at an AI-enhanced company meant more opportunities to succeed, and more flexibility in doing rewarding work.

95 percent of employees felt that a Virtual Teammate was of great help in improving work tasks. It would work well to help to schedule meetings, type documents, take notes, or send emails.

Many workers felt that a Virtual Assistant can work to increase productivity (57 percent) and increase focus (51 percent).

The major factor to influence technologies based on AI was an interest in the Star Trek fandom and iPhoneX.

65 percent of those who responded expressed security as an important concern. Forty-two percent stated that they would not use Google Assistant /Alexa, at working place. The reason was the fear of data privacy as well as security.

The survey was participated by 2,270 white-collar workers from India, Britain, the US, France, Canada, Brazil, Germany, China Mexico, and Australia.

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