GCC Recruiters are expecting More New Jobs in 2018

Middle east jobs

Majority of the Recruiters anticipate that there will be many new jobs in the present financial year.
Statistics and facts
A Bi-Annual survey regarding the Hiring Outlook of 2018 has revealed that the most jobs will be created in the Construction and Engineering sectors. Secondly, it will be followed by Oil and Gas, and then by Trade and Services
61% employers think that there is a talent crunch in the present year in comparison to 2017.
Also, many employers (79%) agreed to give 10% increment in this year. This survey presents the trends for the first two quarters of 2018, regarding the hiring. It covers the outlook of companies and consultants in the Middle East region.
An observation across industries is that there will be a healthy hiring movement in this period. Furthermore, it reflects that there is a steady recovery in the job market in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area. This will be a pleasant news and finest time for all job seekers.
Hiring Activity
There will be much hiring in the Banking and Finance, Retail, and hospitality sectors. Moreover, some recruiters are positive regarding the progress in hiring in IT and associated services. Many recruiters emphasize that it is very difficult to hire talent for the candidates who have 8-15 years experience.
Attrition at places of work is a worldwide phenomenon. In the GCC area in particular, the report says that 44% employers make a prediction that attrition will be stable in the next 6 months. Furthermore, 32% of the recruiters have an opinion that the rate of attrition will increase.
Talent crunch
75% respondents in the survey said that there will be a shortage of talent in 2018 in comparison to 2017. Around 25% employers of the region reveal that the recruitment of nationals is comfortable. Moreover, some Recruiters say that there is a challenge in hiring professionals of other nationalities. The figures are Asians (42%), Arabs (24%), Americans (18%) and Europeans (18%).

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