Expert views in a summit on ‘Overseas Opportunities for Skilled India’.



“Growth of India with huge potential plus more immense opportunities”.

A Government of India has created the entire ministry for the development of skills and Entrepreneurship which is headed by Dharmendra Pradhan. Many skilled workers from other countries come here to find the jobs and they have also got many scopes and many Indian can also find jobs in medical fields like nursing, child and geriatric care; technical, mining services and also in agriculture industries.

A great moderator of India, Rajeev Dubey said that Indian Education department and Education system needs to get modern. Australia High commission has agreed to develop the skills, especially they have given more importance to Leadership skills.

The vast and potential growth of India. Global remittance come to India was at 12 percent and Indians who are working in Gulf is 49 percent which shows the skills and the services the Indian youths are providing all over.

Many of the schools and colleges offer courses which are still following the traditional system of education which is very theoretical. So the government of India has started to develop the database for nationals skilled youth who could find the jobs anywhere in the world. This would ensure the quality of work that can be measured.

Indian and Australian government and many good expert teams have taken drastic steps to develop the skills of all the nationals who come to Australia for searching for the job.

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