SEEK Report: In Australia the growing demand in technology jobs for STEM skills scales up by 22 %

tech jobs australia

tech jobs australia
According to the latest report from Seek a job search provider, there has been a growth of 22 % in technology and science jobs in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland in 2018 compared to the previous year.

As per employment data report in Australia, there is global demand for STEM skills which has strongly affected the technology, science, mining and engineering sectors.

“We’re seeing a strong demand at national for STEM technology, science, skills, mathematics and engineering which reflects a talent global shortage,” Seek ANZ managing director Kendra Banks said.

“It has been identified by Australian CEOs the ’talent shortage’ is considered as one of the top business risk areas but for Australians, with IT skills and engineering this will generate high competitive job opportunities.”

There is an increase jobs opportunity in Victoria by 30 % more technology and science jobs, followed by New South Wales with 21 % and Queensland with 24 %, consequently.

High demand industries like resources, energy, and mining are at 54% and 31 % in service and trade, 25 % at engineering and by 21 % in defense and government. In January total jobs posted on up by14.7 %.

Recreation, sport, real estate, property, financial and banking in comparison all these sectors showed relatively weak growth, In national wide, the declining sector was media, advertising and arts compared to last year it was dropped by 8 %.

“Another significant area of growth is evident in defense and government. This is driven by a strong increase in the large employing sub-sector of local government,” Banks said.

“In whole Australia, the local government posted latest jobs ads which were increased by 31 % in that 1200 job opportunities are available. Job opportunities were increased but there was seen the decline in corrections, Police and Navy.”

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