The UK needs several Indian nurses for its operations

nurses jobs uk

nurses jobs uk
UK’s National Health Service has issued a warning against recruiters who charge a fee for nurses. This is in violation of existing rules which require the recruitment of professionals for free. Basically, these staffs are hired from China, India, the Philippines and a few African countries.

The health service has issued the warning to abolish the licenses of recruitment agencies. Some media reports had suggested that some of the nurses had to pay Rs 1 lakh for this purpose. Again, the recruitment agencies had made a lot of money after NHS made an announcement to recruit 20,000 foreign nurses.

The period of recruitment is three years for meeting the present and future severe shortage. 6,000 vacancies are set aside for Indians but a few agencies in Kerala, claimed that they were asked, to hire 5,000 nurses. The NHS had asked the recruiters to decide on appropriate candidates, after explaining the norms to them.

This included the pay packages offered and the working conditions of each trust free of charge. As a matter of fact, agencies had restricted from demanding money, as their remuneration, was payable on successful recruitments.

Moreover, the recruiters were collecting a highly unfair amount under the heads of handling fee and registration fee. There were reports in the newspapers regarding the exploitation of the workers. This is due to lack of awareness, among healthcare professionals in India. These agencies mislead about the process of recruitment and offer dream jobs to the nurses.

Wrong information given is, regarding not passing the proficiency test in English, if they can speak it fluently. At present, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, has waived the passing of the IELTS, only when the candidates pass the Occupancy English Test. Equally important is that nurses must produce the certificates that they had been speaking in English, with the patients. Moreover, this waiver is enforceable, if they had passed the courses, within the previous two years.

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