Increase in Overseas students at CNC & decrease at UNBC


In 2017 universities and northern B.C. colleges have been utilizing the saving grace with the growth of international student’s enrollment.

As per the updated data released by Ministry of Advance Education, colleges of B.C. , Traning & skills and universities noticed that during the year 2016-2017 there has been an increase of almost 20 percent international foreign students at overseas. The increase of total international foreign students by this year is higher although the ministry released numbers do not consider universities at research including SFU and UBC which infact hold a huge count of international foreign students at Canada.

New Caledonia institution saw a very strong year; this year international number increased by 17 percent and from 1,615 to 1,935.

According to the ministry, The CNC’s international student population represents 27 per cent of the total population of student.

The most secondary post colleges in the student province of UNBC’s number have been decreasing. As per figures of 2016, the overall international UNBC’s population is 286 and it was reduced by 14 percent in 2010. As per Maclean’s ranking, it came to know that In Canada UNBC’s stands in second lowest grade at 2.2 percent of overseas students pursuing under-graduation programe of first year.

The full time domestic student at CNC is decreased by 28 percent to 2,278-1630 since 2011 to 2012. During the same period UNBC has performed better in attracting students of domestic and at the same period the full time domestic students decreased by 9 percent from 2,884 to 2,632.

This downfall has occurend at colleges and universities all over Canada since the population concerning 18 to 24 aged individuals has majorly dropped, as a result the tutions fees for domestic students has dropped too.
Canada colleges and universities were victims of increase in cuts of secondary post funding sicne the last 15 years, hence they have now invested a lot for advertising company brands in various countries like Nigeria, Brazil,china, Saudi Arabia India,and this investment has been proved to be more profitable. Overseas students now generate about 122,000 opportunities by pitching-in about $9.3 billion to the economy of Canada every year.

Most of the revenue has been drawn by Canadian universities and colleges from overseas students . International students at UNBC, who comprise fewer than 10 percent of the whole student’s population, invest 22 percent of tuition revenue for universities coffers.

In Canada the immigration officials implemented new innovative points for the entry program for express in order to welcome skilled workers in year 2016. Skilled young workers who get post-secondary training in the country are now favoured Express entry.

Canada has become more famous amongst the foreign recruiter and students. According to recent survey recruitment agents of 107 countries saw that this country has registered a huge increase in overseas students compare to any another country in the year 2017.

The uncertainty in U.S under administration of Trump and Brexit vote 2016 may have addided post secondary institutes in Canada to drift away students from those markets in the current year.

The ICEF Monitor, an international education trade publication has claimed that the apple of Canadian institutions with lower tuition rates – less than in U.K and U.S have proven to be a stronger catalyst.

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