Job openings in Germany reach a record high

job openings germany

job openings germany
2018 happens to be the ideal time to seek a job in Germany. 1.2 million Job vacancies were recorded in December 2017, and with this Germany witnessed the highest number of job vacancies in three decades.

Based on a recent report from the Institute for Employment Research in Nuremberg, the final quarter of 2017, witnessed 1.21 million job openings which remained unfilled across the nation.

The present overall job positions in the country increased by 128,000 compared to the last year. This is the highest number witnessed by Germany after the completion of reunification.

This development means a high rate of open jobs available in Germany translating into better opportunities for seekers in the market.

In the areas of previous West Germany, the open jobs positions recorded 918,000, while the figures for East Germany were 265,000. There was a strong growth in the Construction and Manufacturing Sectors, and the highest numbers of jobs were available in the Business Sector, like administration, sales, and marketing.

On an average 194 people were unemployed for overall 100 vacant positions in West-Germany, and 100 fresh Jobs were available for overall 225 unemployed in the eastern states, the country presently experiences a low ratio of unemployment to fresh jobs seen, for both the regions.

These figures of job positions were derived from the IAB Job Vacancy Survey, which represents a study of German companies, and were conducted recently.  It examines job openings in Germany for four times during a year and also includes such jobs which remain unreported to employment agencies. During the final quarter of 2017, it collected and evaluated responses from 15,000 employers in economic sectors to bring forth the unparalleled employment facts.

These facts represent job growth and the enhanced strength of the economy in Germany. The unemployment rate in February 2018 was 5.4 percent, which was the lowest unemployment level since reunification in Germany (1990).

Moreover, these findings, taken together with the best rate of expansion in 2017, since 2011 of the German economy, depict a bright outlook for the job seekers in Germany.

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