Trump administration, revokes spouse’s permission to work

H-1B visa

The spouses of workers of H-1B visa holders come on H-4 visas, which are dependent visas. These visas have a clause, as per which, the spouses are not authorized, to have jobs in the US. Many of them are stranded for several years on temporary visas, as they wait for the H-1B holders to become PRs. The Obama administration had permitted the H-4 visa holders, waiting for issuance of green cards, to carry out some work, during their waiting period.

The administration under President Trump had announced in 2017 that it planned to revoke this permission.

The annual caps placed on the number of visas to be given to the citizens of a country, lead to a very long waiting period for Indians and Chinese, who form a majority of the immigrant workers. For an employer to sponsor a green card to an Indian H-1B employee, the time needed is above a decade. Some of the employees have been waiting since December 2008.

In 2015, the US administration had placed a rule, which allowed spouses of H-1B visa holders, to obtain a work permit, after the visa holder was accepted, in the waiting line for receiving a Green Card. People, who are raised in the background of work, feel a sense of guilt when they are not allowed to work or pursue a career. They think that they are wasting their time, after receiving a good education, from the best schools.

A job also helps the couples to buy a house, or set an example to the children, as a working couple. Moreover, many needs like paying for daycare are met. The job, besides offering money, serves as an identity and pride and also boosts the self-esteem.

Many spouses are waiting for the final decision of the Trump administration in this matter. This proposed rule was slated to introduced and published in the Federal Register, in February. Presently, the administration has announced, that it will be taken in June. USCIS, the government agency which issues visas, has said that since 2015, 105,000 work permits were approved.

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