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work visa

work visa
In the United Kingdom from January 11, new immigration rules have been introduced. Soon international students in U.K. will enjoy more fluidity in switching their work visas.

With these new changes in immigration norms, international students can shift to skilled worker visa i.e., Tier-2 visa, immediately once they finish their academic year. As per the on-going norms, for applying Tier-2 visa students should first complete their graduation and attain the degree. As a result, students will get very less time to search a job when they stay in the UK.

For instance, if a foreign student is pursuing their higher studies in P.G degree and they wish to apply for work visa then they have to finish their final graduation with certification.

“The new immigration rule will enable them to apply for a Tier-2 visa a few months earlier than what would otherwise have been possible,” illustrates a newsletter by EY-UK, one of the big among 4 business consultancies.

Sadiq Khan, the London mayor has supported a new tier of post-study work visas. In his blueprint paper- ‘Immigration, a future approach’, Khan has advised declining international student figure.

His proposal was that the post-study work visa concerned to be different from Tier-2 and should allow graduates to work in the U.K. for 12 to 24 months, subsequently after their graduation.

UK universities and government talk about relief.

As per experts of immigration, this new change is an outcome of an in-depth conversation between government and the universities of the United Kingdom. Student visas are also called as visas Tier-4, students are acknowledged with few additional months after their course duration. Many international students faced difficulties in searching for opportunity in the UK.

Tier 4 visas for long-term course study which would be more than 12 months are granted with plus 4 months of the course duration. In case students fail to find jobs in this time span, they may have to go back to their respective country.

Hence, recently most of the students who are having the Tier-4 visa are not able to change their visa to Tier-2, the main reason being that they did not attain their degree yet and visa is to soon expire.

Indian students should watch the effect of Brexit on work visas for overseas students the counselor told.

Many European workers who are facing challenges will get ease post-Brexit for overseas students who completed their studies in U.K.

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